New for 2022 !

We're back!

And busier than ever with two brand new projects for you 

Bluestockings to Bimbos

Our Heritage lottery funded project exploring the fascinating history of names for women throughout the ages.

What’s in a name? Why was an educated woman called a ‘Bluestocking’? And what is the difference between a Doxie and a Popsie ….  a Strumpet or a Shrew?

Throughout history, girls and women have been called many things … and it’s still happening today! (Cougar, pram-face, Four-by-Four, to name but a few).  And why are so many of these names frankly insulting?

Join us for a series of entertaining and informative workshops as we explore the origins of these names, and invent creative ways to respond to them.  This could include sewing, mixed media, stamping, photography or creative writing …. the choice is yours.  

Let’s stitch our voices together!

You’ll also have an opportunity to learn new skills, such as exhibition creation, and research techniques.

Our work will be formed into a textile artwork, and celebrated in a touring exhibition which will launch at the Haddenham Art Centre, in the autumn of 2022.  

These workshops are free and open to ALL! Led by the Field Theatre Group’s professional artists.    Sundays 19 June to 10 July in the Adams Heritage Centre, Littleport.

Don’t be scared: it’s not in the least “woke”,  just a VERY enjoyable creative laugh!’                                              

Barbara (participant, Haddenham)  

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