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The Theatre Group offers a range of creative and production services. 

Our pool of talented and experienced production crew, artists, writers and facilitators have proven track records of successful delivery and a wealth of expertise.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the services we can offer. 

* Books

     Editing, design, typesetting, print management

* Films

    Production and directing services


* Script services

      Script writing, script editing, script development


* Arts engagement

We create high quality arts engagement projects for all ages, from primary school pupils to retired residents

* Heritage projects

  We are experienced in all aspects of the creation,       delivery and management of community heritage   projects.

* Exhibitions 

Field theatre artists create beautiful and engaging exhibitions and displays

* Film & theatre production

   We can supply experienced production staff:       directors, sound, lighting, camera operators,

   set, props and costume design services 

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Costume, sets  and props 

Living history & Heritage

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Book production


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Community engagement for everyone!
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