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Field Theatre Heritage projects


Since 2013 The Field team have created, managed and  delivered four
Heritage Lottery funded community history projects.

  • We have taken our work into schools, museums and libraries. 

  • We have coordinated community activities with local history groups, social groups and churches. 

  • We have collected and recorded oral histories, stories and memories with dozens of older residents. 

  • We have enabled residents to trace their family trees.

  • We have created community exhibitions and displays.

  • Our community heritage delivery has engaged 100s of fenland residents.

We have also produced three community films highlighting key aspects of our region's history:

Riot in the Blood (2016). A documentary detailing the tumultuous events of the Littleport Riots.

The Horseman's Word (2015). Drama documentary featuring the myth, magic and drama of the Golden Age of the heavy horse. As experienced through the eyes of a young horseman.


Common Ground (2010). A moving documentary about the harsh lives of land workers in the early 20th century.   

We have successfully delivered memorable 'Living History' projects to local primary schools.

His-story  (her-story .... our story .... your story)

Riot in the Blood. 2016. HLF funded.

Community history workshops. 

Documentary DVD.


Memorial event.

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The Littleport Button Tree. 2018.

HLF funded community textile art and story-sharing project. 

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The Horseman's Word. 2015. 

HLF funded.

Two year oral history-gathering, documentary DVD and exhibition.

Exploring the Golden Age of Heavy Horse keeping in the Fens. 

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Littleport Festival Fourteen. 2014.

HLF funded. 2014.

A season of events to commemorate the outbreak of the First World War.

Community play.Exhibitions.

Creative writing.

Schools art project.

Living history day.

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Community inclusion is at the heart of our work

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The Field Theatre Group would like to extend our thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund for grants which have enabled us to produce these community heritage projects.

Littleport Festival Fourteen (2014)

The Horseman's Word (2013-15

Riot in the Blood (2016)

The Littleport Button Tree project (2018)

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