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Field Theatre Creative Arts Engagement

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Poetry * Creative writing * Textile art * schools art history *

The Field Theatre Group has engaged our community

in a huge range of creative and expressive art activities

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With a grant from the Cooperative Community Fund we explored the secrets and surprises, stories and memories hidden within the humble shopping receipt ... And turned them into stories, art and poetry !

The finished pieces formed the basis of a performance and exhibition at the Yl Performing Arts Centre in Littleport 
We were extremely fortunate to have internationally renowned poet Ms Wendy Cope OBE as our special guest.

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Art, poppy-making and creative writing

with pupils of Littleport Community Primary School, to commemorate the fallen of Littleport in the Great War

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An anthology of poems written by the community to commemorate the outbreak of the Great War


Community exhibition featuring art and writing created by local school pupils

The Catching, Cooking and Eating of Eels 

Community art and creative writing, travelling installation, sound narration.


With funding from the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership

(National Lottery) The Field hosted community creative writing

and arts workshops.


The workshops, explored the natural history, habitat and mythology of that most important of fenland denizens ... the eel.

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Button Tree. Community textile art and story-making

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